Bincombe Valley Primary School

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Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School

"Teachers are skilful and knowledgeable practitioners, with a friendly and upbeat approach that creates a positive environment for learning." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

"This school teaches you to be a brilliant reader." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

"Teaching assistants are very skilled and make a valuable contribution to learning." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

"Pupils have a high regard for their school and make comments such as, 'This is the best school in the world'." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

"Pupils are developing into confident learners through the positive relationships that exist in school and the praise and encouragement they receive from adults." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

"High-quality support is provided for pupils who have special educational needs or disability, and for pupils who have emotional needs, especially to improve their self-esteem and social skills."

"From starting points on entry to the school that are well below those typical for most children, pupils make good and sometimes excellent progress across the school." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

School Profile

Bincombe Valley Primary School is situated in the area of Littlemoor in Weymouth. The school is a short way from the coast at Weymouth Bay and the hills of the Preston Downs. The school has wide views over fields and farmland and of course the ancient Bronze- Age earthworks known locally as the Bincombe Bumps. The school is a member of the Chesil Education Partnership. This is a working partnership between all schools in the Weymouth and Portland.

The original school building dates from 1961 with extensions being added in the mid-seventies. The accommodation now provides for twelve large classrooms, a 2-Year olds’ base (‘Bincombe Buds’) and a purpose-built Nursery. The main school has a large hall, a music room, a teaching kitchen, a library and a computer suite. There are ample welfare and office facilities. Our attractive and well-equipped premises enable us to offer up to date facilities for the education of primary aged children. Classes are equipped with interactive teaching boards.

There are three playground areas. One designated for 4-7 year old children marked out with games and has fixed activity apparatus available for the children to use at playtime and a special ‘dinosaur’ garden.  Another for our 8-11 year olds is marked out for games and activities and includes a multi-use games area (MUGA). The remaining playground boasts a quiet garden and is equipped with picnic tables used for lunchtime eating in warm weather. There is a large field, which is used for games as well as at playtimes during good weather. Trees have been planted around the site as part of a conservation project.

Bincombe Buds and The Nursery are both self-contained, set within their own grounds and the reception class has its own play area. Our own school-based site-manager looks after the grounds and premises. The dining room and canteen facility is used to deliver hot mid-day meals to pupils in the school. From September all KS1 pupils have been provided with a free hot school meal. We also run our ‘Sunrise’ Breakfast Club from the dining room and an After-School Club in our 'Orchard' base..

At present there are up to 340 pupils in the school, ranging in age from 2-11 years. The main school classes are generally divided by year group and contain a mix of ability. Children come to Bincombe Valley with a variety of talents and needs. Some have learning difficulties. As an inclusive school, we diagnose special educational needs and provide appropriate provision both within and out of the classroom environment.