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Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School Life at Bincombe Valley Primary School

"Teachers are skilful and knowledgeable practitioners, with a friendly and upbeat approach that creates a positive environment for learning." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

"This school teaches you to be a brilliant reader." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

"Teaching assistants are very skilled and make a valuable contribution to learning." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

"Pupils have a high regard for their school and make comments such as, 'This is the best school in the world'." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

"Pupils are developing into confident learners through the positive relationships that exist in school and the praise and encouragement they receive from adults." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

"High-quality support is provided for pupils who have special educational needs or disability, and for pupils who have emotional needs, especially to improve their self-esteem and social skills."

"From starting points on entry to the school that are well below those typical for most children, pupils make good and sometimes excellent progress across the school." OFSTED INSPECTION 2016

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Our Titanic DT Project

23 images

Our DT models of The Titanic

Carol Service 2019

11 images

Carol Service 2019

Extreme Earth

34 images

Samba Concert

4 images

Extreme Earth

34 images

Class 7 were set homework to create an Extreme Earth model.

NSPCC Morning

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The children had the NSPCC visit our school and give an assembly on how to recognise signs of different types of abuse. We discussed what to do if they ever see or are a victim of these. The children then came back to the classroom for a workshop and completed some challenges based on what they had learnt.

Ancienty Greek Vases - Day 1

13 images

The children worked on the patterns they wanted and transferred them onto their vases.

Year 3 Violins

5 images

Bincombe Buds

31 images

Class 4 Cooking

24 images


16 images

'Go Noodle' PE

9 images

Extreme Sports Day

22 images

Trying out some extreme sports - Scooters and Skateboards

Book Fair Competition November 2017

5 images

Thank you to everybody who took part in our Book Fair competition. We had some fantastic entries! The winning entries were created by: Fire Engine by James Dalgleish Class 2, Fantastic Mr Fox by Jasmine Banks Class 4, Alice in Wonderland by Laura Jakiela Class 7, Batman and Friends by Bradley Smyth Class 8, Matilda by Jaimee-Leigh Puckett Class 11

Our Every Other Daily Mile Challenge

10 images

Our Children in Class 10 have been on a fitness challenge by taking part in an Every Other Daily Mile. Three times a week we have been running, jogging or walking for 15 minutes around the playground without stopping. In doing this we are hoping to build up our fitness which will have a positive influence on concentration, behaviour and positive motivation to succeed. So far it has been a success and the children are enjoying the challenge.

Budmouth Maths Challenge

2 images

On Thursday 21st September some of our pupils had the chance to test out their mathematical skills when they went to Budmouth to take part in the annual Maths Challenge.

Mayan Rockets

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Classes 9,10,11 Mayan Rocket Report We designed our rockets on card. We then got a plastic 2L bottle and decorated it with card, paper and stickers. We filled them half full of water and then went outside. We put them on the aqua pad launcher and our partner pumped it whilst one of us pulled the lead. They went really high. It was so much fun! Aidan Year 6

Lego Club September 2017 Week 1

9 images

The KS1 children had a fun time in the first week of Lego Club. Their first challenge was to build their names and the children found some really creative ways to form different letters. We also enjoyed our free time at the end when we could make whatever we wanted. One young man was particularly proud of his creation!

Weymouth Outdoor Activities Centre Visit 2017

19 images

Weymouth Outdoor Activities Centre Visit 2017

Den Building

27 images

Drama Workshop

6 images

Year 5 Brass

4 images

Drum Tuition

4 images

Tag Rugby

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Year 4 Brass

3 images

Smoothie Bike

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Year 6 Sailing

14 images

Year 5 Sailing

6 images